Happy Halloween from Oscar and Edgar!


Monster Mash

Tonight we had a little Halloween celebration for the boys and their friends.  There were spooky sounds, lively songs, high-fat/high-calorie foods, and a whole lot of sugar!  After the party, and despite the chilly temperatures, some of us made the trek down to our favorite Halloween display in town. 

One of the many wonderful aspects of parenting young children is that it gives you permission (and an excuse) to be a big kid yourself.  Tonight I donned my witch’s hat and scraggly gray hair, and Don debuted his Grinch costume–and was even asked for his autograph by a young fan!

As I sit here quietly, the boys are tucked into bed, the entire downstairs has been vacuumed, and order has been restored.  But I can still hear the laughter, see the costumes, and feel the energy. 

We have many pictures from tonight’s festivities.  Please click on the link to check them out.  And Happy Halloween!

Oscar’s Library Card

During our planned visit to our local library today, Oscar made the impromptu decision to sign up for his very own library card. 

When the librarian handed him a “Sharpie” marker to sign his name, he declared with the utmost consternation, “I’m not supposed to use those kinds of markers.”

After reassuring him that it was okay–just this once–to use a permanent marker, Oscar signed his name on the back of the card to make it official!

Though we had already checked out twelve books with my card, Oscar needed to “break in” his by checking out three of his own.  He beamed with pride as he told Don and our good friend “Cap’n Mike” about it tonight. 

Prospero said in The Tempest, “My library was dukedom large enough.”   Today Oscar’s access to his library was secured.  Another milestone, another sigh . . .

Salem in October

The Crucible, the Salem Witch Trials, Cotton Mather, Nathaniel Hawthorne . . . Salem is an English teacher’s dream:  History on every corner and an atmosphere that, if you can for a moment suspend your disbelief, at times hearkens back to centuries past.  We spent the day there on Sunday, soaking in the last vestiges of warmth and enjoying the bustling atmosphere as the town paid homage to its signature holiday–Halloween.  We popped into the New England Pirate Museum, then roamed an historic cemetery. 

Though our dinner plans were foiled due to a power outage at our favorite restaurant, we found sustenance at a nearby sandwich shop and made the best of our lengthy ride home–talking, singing, and just relaxing.  Though Salem’s unfortunate past and energetic present each radiate drama in their own way, our visit was anything but dramatic.  It was a lovely, easy afternoon with family–a day replete with a sweetness the likes of which even Cotton Mather would have to approve. 

If you would like to see the photo album from our day trip to Salem, please click on the following link:

Pirates Arrrrgh Cute!

If I were working for the Pirates’ Union or serving as their PR rep, I would have definitely been at Oscar’s preschool today photographing this mass of adorable children dressed in their swashbuckling finery.  Oscar is in the black sweatshirt with the skull-and-crossbones motif, brown hat, and eye patch.  Edgar got in on the fun (or lawlessness) and wore his pirate hat today, too.  And now, as I write this, Oscar has announced, “We are now preparing for our FEARLESS PIRATE DANCE!”  I’m not sure what that is.  It may at some point involve Band-Aids and/or an ice pack, but it’s definitely going to require my attention.  So, off I go . . . If you think being a pirate is hard, try being the  mother of two!

Seasons Change

This is my 100th post since starting the boys’ blog in June, and it seems fitting that the first post featured them exuberant on their teeter-totter in our backyard last spring, and this one finds them in the exact same spot–this time with Oscar raking leaves into neat piles and Edgar plotting how best to jump into said piles as discreetly as possible.  This blog has been and is a joy for me to create–chronicling their adventures through photography and the written word–and I hope it has been fun for people to read.  As much as I truly endeavor to live in the present, it would be disingenuous of me to say that I don’t often think about what the next 100 posts will look like or reveal.  What I do know is that I know very little and that I am grateful every day for the lessons my sons bestow.  I made a commitment to pay attention to those lessons long ago when I read two sentences in a parenting magazine:  “We do not raise our children.  We raise the future parents of our grandchildren.”  Whether or not Oscar and Edgar make the choice to become parents themselves one day is not for me to say much less predict; but by paying attention to them and to what they have to teach, I feel as though our bond is continually cementing and that they will grow into secure, thoughtful, compassionate people.  They know they are loved, they are respected, and they are valued.   I’ll keep writing and photographing so that one day they can review the journey that brought them to adulthood.  And I hope they’ll be able to say, “It was good.”

I Only Have Eyes for You

Tina Fey is often credited with making the bespectacled look fashionable, but I think Edgar might be a worthy successor.  He asked if he could try on my glasses; and despite my unfortunate prescription, I couldn’t refuse.  Though the enormous frames eclipsed those beautiful blue eyes, Edgar managed to wear them with dashing style!  We certainly hope he never has to be dependent on glasses; but it’s nice to know that should he have to, he’ll be able to make it work!