About Us


18122005_10210762477512299_2160581915448099821_oWe are a family of four who resides in Rhode Island.  Our family was created through adoption; and sharing our adventures–the large and the small–is one of my greatest joys.  I initially created this blog for them as a memento and for our friends and family, both near and far, as a way to keep up with us; however, through the years, our stories have garnered interest beyond our immediate circle, and I am honored and remain humbled to welcome new readers every day.

Time is fleeting, and childhood flies far too fast.  By taking time to pause and record some of its moments and my observations here, I hope to slow things down just a bit.

Thank you so much for checking in.

Samantha Hines






15 thoughts on “About Us

  1. What you are doing is wonderful. Your boys will appreciate when they have their own children.
    Thanks for including me.

  2. You’re such a gifted writer, and mother and wife and teacher and…I can keep going.

    The journey you share with all of us is priceless. Time to publish a book?

    Thanks so Much For Sharing!
    Love You All!


  3. I feel a sense of pure happiness having discovered this page. Don is one of the nicest persons I have ever met. I am not surprised whatsoever that he is as dedicated and loving in the role of a father as portrayed in this journal.

  4. Part of what makes this blog/site so wonderful is that you actually do it – you stop the runaway train and make this a priority, something I’ve (and I’m sure others reading) always dreamed of doing but didn’t have what you have to make it happen. And time waits for no one – my children are now young men and my thoughts and documentation of their childhood has, like water, more oft sadly slipped away between my fingers.

    So this is always a vicarious thrill to see it, in all its glory. It’s also re-inspiration, that I might yet do it before they become men.

    The other part that makes this so wonderful, of course, is just you – your thoughts, your writing style, and your affections. It is so comforting to know my life’s best buddy has the fortunate pleasure and privilege of your company and vice-versa.

  5. Just read your AF article on your youngest and his heritage. We, too, have a daughter with a Mexican birth father. Most people don’t say anything until summer when her beautiful tan draws comments. We adopted her from foster care at 8 and she never knew her father, so she has never lived in a household with a person of Hispanic descent. I struggle with how to best help her be proud of her heritage.

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