Monster Mash

Tonight we had a little Halloween celebration for the boys and their friends.  There were spooky sounds, lively songs, high-fat/high-calorie foods, and a whole lot of sugar!  After the party, and despite the chilly temperatures, some of us made the trek down to our favorite Halloween display in town. 

One of the many wonderful aspects of parenting young children is that it gives you permission (and an excuse) to be a big kid yourself.  Tonight I donned my witch’s hat and scraggly gray hair, and Don debuted his Grinch costume–and was even asked for his autograph by a young fan!

As I sit here quietly, the boys are tucked into bed, the entire downstairs has been vacuumed, and order has been restored.  But I can still hear the laughter, see the costumes, and feel the energy. 

We have many pictures from tonight’s festivities.  Please click on the link to check them out.  And Happy Halloween!


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