A fire engine, rescue truck, mail truck, police car, and–perhaps most impressively–an ice cream truck were on display today for children to explore.  Edgar chanted the whole way there, “I want ‘Touch-a-Truck.'”  We picked up Grandma, who joined us for the adventure then treated us to a delicious lunch afterward.  Any event that entices and encourages children’s curiosity is one to embrace.  The boys–and their grandmother–had a great time!


Soft-Serve Ice Cream

Childhood is supposed to be sticky and messy and positively delicious; and no place is this more apparent than our favorite soft-serve ice cream haunt.  It takes fifteen minutes to clean the car afterward and at least that long to clean Edgar, but it is well worth it.  A chocolate ice cream cone on a warm day is the perfect antidote for whatever ails you! 

Strawberry Fields Forever







As we pulled into the parking lot at the farm yesterday, Oscar declared with all the knowledge garnered from his nearly four years on the planet, “We’ve never been strawberry-picking!”  And indeed he was correct.  However, the aroma of ripening strawberries that greeted us as we exited the car ensured that this would become an annual tradition.   We received three small baskets that quickly filled–although, Edgar’s took a little longer to reach capacity as he was eating them as quickly as he was picking them!  Fifteen minutes and a mere four dollars later, we had perfect, sweet strawberries and our first of many memories here.  Many thanks to Auntie Carol and Emelia for letting us join you!  We’re looking forward to trying your jam!

Splish Splash

Tonight a sudden and rapid deluge provided the inspiration to go out splashing in puddles; and this one right in front of our house proved to be the most inviting.  “Splashing” has a different meaning for Oscar and Edgar.  For Oscar, naturally, it meant sporting his water-tight rainboots and gingerly moving the water in soft ripples–never allowing it to go above his well-protected ankles.  For Edgar, well, look at him.  He went swimming–and used his boots to alternately scoop and pour out water.  A warm bath and a tuck into bed followed this perfect summer night.

Chicken Tikka Masala

 We’ll start with an emphatic disclaimer:  THE STOVE IS OFF!  That being said, tonight it was all about cooking, which may come as a shock to those who know my penchant for takeout.  Don is the grill master; and since Indian food is a favorite and not readily available due to the closing of our favorite restaurant, he has learned to create his own.  And the smell of it cooking is enough to make even the staunchest vegetarian have second thoughts–believe me!  After grilling the chicken, which soaked in olive oil and  masala sauce all last night, Oscar was in charge of coating it.  Edgar then declared, “This is the best chicken I’ve ever had in my life!”  High praise indeed coming from our sophisticated–albeit only two-year-old–gourmand. 

Day Out With Thomas

Though we almost didn’t make it due to Oscar’s feeling under the weather, we decided to pay our respects to a personal favorite of the boys–Thomas the Tank Engine, who took us on a ride through scenic terrain beneath very sunny skies.  What a way to welcome the first day of summer!  Grandma and Grandpa joined us for the festivities–much to the boys’ delight!  Afterwards, Edgar hopped on some very impressive rides, including a rambunctious Tilt-a-Whirl that was an undeniable hit.  You know you’ve had a good day when you need to be carried out of the park!  Happy Summer!

Candy Land

The Top Three Reasons It’s Worth Getting Up at 6:30 AM to Play Candy Land

3.  Because it’s a great board game that teaches essential lessons, including turn-taking, color recognition, counting, winning and losing, and patience.

2.  Because it offers a time to talk not just about what’s going on with Lord Licorice and Mr. Mint but your plans for the day–even the whole summer!

1.  Because your child with a grin as wide as the world asked you to and was thrilled that you said yes!