Seasons Change

This is my 100th post since starting the boys’ blog in June, and it seems fitting that the first post featured them exuberant on their teeter-totter in our backyard last spring, and this one finds them in the exact same spot–this time with Oscar raking leaves into neat piles and Edgar plotting how best to jump into said piles as discreetly as possible.  This blog has been and is a joy for me to create–chronicling their adventures through photography and the written word–and I hope it has been fun for people to read.  As much as I truly endeavor to live in the present, it would be disingenuous of me to say that I don’t often think about what the next 100 posts will look like or reveal.  What I do know is that I know very little and that I am grateful every day for the lessons my sons bestow.  I made a commitment to pay attention to those lessons long ago when I read two sentences in a parenting magazine:  “We do not raise our children.  We raise the future parents of our grandchildren.”  Whether or not Oscar and Edgar make the choice to become parents themselves one day is not for me to say much less predict; but by paying attention to them and to what they have to teach, I feel as though our bond is continually cementing and that they will grow into secure, thoughtful, compassionate people.  They know they are loved, they are respected, and they are valued.   I’ll keep writing and photographing so that one day they can review the journey that brought them to adulthood.  And I hope they’ll be able to say, “It was good.”


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