Bylines & Media

Children’s Friend and Service Newsletter at

The Huffington Post

“Lucy O’Connor” in “This Is Why We Love Grandparents”

Adoptive Families magazine at

” A Lesson from Loss”

“Openness Redefined”

“More Than Meets the Eye”

“What to Expect When She’s Expecting” (Top 10 Article of 2012)

“Two Degrees of August’s Birth Mother”

ADDitude magazine

“A Beautiful Mind” (Summer 2013)

“Three Great Art Apps for ADHD Kids”

ADDitude Online: Different Drummer

“My Silver Linings Playbook”

“Home Alone . . . With ADHD”

“Expletive Not Deleted”

“Why My ADHD Son Loves Life Now”

“The Picture That’s Worth 1,000 Words”

“We Can’t Hold Hands Forever”

“ADHD Is Not an Excuse–Ever”

“Side Effects May Include: Humiliation, Judgment, and Stigma” (3,000-plus Facebook shares)

“The New King of LEGO”

“The Best Version of My Son”

“Handle with Care–But Have a Little Faith”

“Spread the Word: My Kid Can Read!”

Scary Mommy

“A Place in Her Life”

The Good Men Project

“Under Pressure”

News Taco

“Here’s a Hispanic Type”

Families in the Loop

“Birth Mother Visits in an Open Adoption”

“Is My 9-Year-Old Son Too Serious?”

The Washington Times Communities:

“The Red Thread”

The Creative Mama at

“The Play’s the Thing: September 2011”

“The Play’s the Thing: October 2011”

“The Play’s the Thing: November 2011”

“The Play’s the Thing: December 2011”

“The Play’s the Thing: January 2012”

“The Play’s the Thing: February 2012”

“The Muse of Motherhood”

“A Day in the Life of . . . “

“The One with the Secret Office Space”

“Balancing My Schedule to Find Myself”

“Doing Good Work in the World”

“Allowed to Choose”

“Hearing His Music Once Again”

“Handing Over Dandelion

“Our Artist-in-Residence”

“Say Yes”

“The Creative Child”

“Cooking and a Change of Heart”


“It’s Different with the Third”

“His, Ours, the World’s”


Behind the Blog with Erin Goodman

It’s Your Health with Lisa Davis

“Social Media Helps Teachers Transform Classroom Culture” by Jacoba Urist, for NBCNews and TODAY

“Do Good Parents Send Their Children to Public School?”  by Jacoba Urist for Newsweek and The Daily Beast

blog-22Good Men Projectscary-mommy

Lisa DavisFamilies in the Loop


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