A Day in My Life

A visit to one of our favorite places–Coggeshall Farm in Bristol, Rhode Island . . . Stepping back to 1790 can put so much in perspective.

Please visit Sara Griner’s blog for another take on this project.

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Three Days

A picture is worth the proverbial thousand words—and that’s a good thing.

Because though I have written thousands since 23 July 2014, I am not quite ready to share them all.

So, in the interim, these will suffice.

A reunion for some, the start of something for others.

Delirious, joyful, and entrancing.

Thirteen years in the making.

And hearts fuller and more grateful than could ever have been imagined.

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On ADDitude Today

It was an innocent enough question from my oldest son: “Mom, why do you have to take pills for your high blood pressure every day?”

I wasn’t caught off-guard, and I didn’t feel defensive. Instead, I explained the genetic hand I had been dealt and how, despite my best efforts, managing it myself had proved ineffectual.

However, I wasn’t prepared for his response: “That means if you had lived, say, a hundred years ago, before high blood pressure pills had been invented, you might have already had a heart attack and died?”

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