He’s a Poet, and He Knows It

Today Oscar–accompanied by Uncle Len, Father Don, and Brother Edgar–joined the ranks of Ginsberg and Kerouac, hung out a local coffee house, and read his poetry.


His poem is called “Oscar Goes to the Sun,” and it goes a little something like this:

In my rocket ship

I want to go to the sun

To have fun.

In weightless space I will flip.

Let’s see . . . we have rhyme, we have alliteration, we have a poem.

Snap your fingers if you dig it.


Spring Fever

With temperatures yesterday in the high 80s, it’s little wonder that our day took us outside in our backyard to play–and to be warm and to be together.  Oscar and I started with breakfast outside at 7:30 AM, were joined by Edgar an hour later, and Don some time after that . . .  (shhh . . . don’t tell anyone–Don likes to sleep in).  It was glorious nine hours and just a preview of things to come.




Love Your Mother

In celebration of Earth Day yesterday, I introduced Oscar and Edgar to one of my favorite pasttimes–picking up litter!  Long ago, before children, when Don and I were walking only with dogs, I would often take along a bag and a pair of gloves.  It slowed down our walks considerably, but it made me happy to make a small difference in this way.  I must admit that seeing litter affects me deeply–let the analysts think what they may–and I wish I had the ability to remove it all. 

Once the boys came along, I would occasionally tie a bag to the handle of the stroller and commence my cleanup.  It had to end, though, when one early evening I picked up a pizza box that was infested with what I can only surmise were maggots.   I  made a good parenting decision not to consciously  put maggots in such close proximity to my children.   I think it was the right decision.

But yesterday we went out–in the rain no less–Oscar and Edgar each carrying a bag.  Oscar said he loved picking up litter–that “it’s like Halloween, except we’re picking up junk”! 


Though we started this on Earth Day, it’s something we’ll continue.   They say if everyone picked up one piece of litter every day that there would be no litter.  And though I do not know who “they” may be, I love the sentiment. 


See you on the street!

Walking for a Cause

Oscar and Edgar have embarked this week on their first philanthropic adventure.  Having been introduced to the wonders of our local animal shelter and eagerly awaiting their formal training which will culminate in their very own nametags, they were excited to get our mailing for The Potter League’s 20th annual Heart and Sole Walk for the Animals.

I explained to them what the walk entailed and how it would be an opportunity to raise money for the Potter League.  And though I truly think they’re hoping that every dollar they help to raise will go directly to dog treats and cat toys, they are excited by the process.   We update every afternoon to see how close to our goal of $500 we are getting. 


And though there have been a few queries as to who is going to walk Templeton with the conclusion that we should get another dog so both boys have a dog to walk (don’t worry . . . that’s probably coming), we have been enjoying the process of preparing for the event.

If you’d like to check out the boys’ website and write a note of encouragement or make a small donation, you can find it at http://www.firstgiving.com/oscaredgar

Rain or shine, we’ll be out there on June 7th–two boys, at least one beagle, and some very proud hearts.

Yes, Virginia, We Did Have a Vacation

It is currently Monday, a dismal 50 degrees outside, and windy.  I have a pile of papers facing me, dinner to prepare, and a million odds and ends to which to tend (including, I’m fairly certain, a diaper in need of changing).

But strangely I am not even remotely annoyed (at the weather), overwhelmed (by my work), or frightened (by the diaper that’s about to greet me).

We just got back from a glorious week in Virginia with our very good friends.  We basked in the glow of warmer temperatures as well as the opportunity to be with people we care for and miss very much. 




Vacation did what vacations do . . . relaxed this family and provided the proverbial light at the end of the tunnel for all of us.  Summer is coming . . . and we can’t wait!

Here is the link for the full album–all 100-plus photos!  Enjoy!!


And He Wrote Me a Letter

And this just in . . . today, on Easter Sunday 2009, Edgar penned (actually “crayoned”) his first initial! 

He did it in true Edgar fashion–with no buildup, little fanfare, and when we were least expecting it.  Perhaps it’s the “second child syndrome,” if there is such a thing, where milestones just sort of happen in this way; or–and I think this is probably more likely–it’s Edgar, truly one of the most easygoing, good-natured, unassuming individuals roaming the planet.  Granted, over the last several weeks we have noticed a marked increase in his fascination with letters and spelling.  He has been asking us to spell words for him and has been remarking when he sees and hears “my ‘E.'”  So, I guess you could say we weren’t surprised by this . . .

But, oh, how proud we were . . .

We can’t wait to see what you have in store for us next, Edgar! 


Not Leaving Anytime Soon

Whenever I feel the need to thin out the boys’ rather substantial toy collection, I must admit that my first “victims” tend to be the stuffed animals.  No offense, of course.  They’re adorable and snuggly and are often souvenirs from trips or cute add-ons to gifts.  But they often consume much space and are largely neglected.  Of course, the boys have their favorites–Oscar’s Ossie and Chester


 and Edgar’s Dream Horse and Wife–


 but the rest of them make only the occsional, short-lived, or modest appearance, and because they are so numerous are seldom missed.

But yesterday I was reminded not to act so fast where these little fuzzy friends are concerned.  Oscar brought a few out of retirement and created a family.


From left to right, we have the turtle, who is the mother; the monkey as the baby; Snufflupagus as the father; and the lion as the older son, who was adopted by his family years ago.   Oscar’s creation of and play with this family proved to me that not only has he been taking in the wonders of his and Edgar’s adoption stories but also the nurturing that has been his and his brother’s reality. 

Parents always hope that the lessons they teach, the values they instill, and the love that they provide are recognized and internalized by their children.  And I am grateful that in my quest to reduce what I viewed as superflous toys I didn’t remove from their collection what would ultimately provide me with the seeds of proof. 

Don’t worry, Turtle, Monkey, Snufflupagus, and Lion–you’re not leaving anytime soon!