Not Even Remotely Terrible

Happy Birthday, August!

Today you turn two–and, inevitably, over the next year, you will note the word “terrible” bandied about as the words “two” and “terrible” often go hand-in-hand.

However, should you hear that word at any juncture over the next 365 days, you can respond by saying that the word “terrible” and your two should not even keep company in the same 800-page novel–let alone sentence.

You are, by far, one of the most precocious and intuitive two-year-olds I have ever met.  Yes, you speak well, eat well, sleep well and are a force in every sense of the word–but you also have an aspect of self-awareness that belies your young years.   You can hold your own in any setting, and you attract the attention of the world with a flash of that enveloping, infectious smile. 

If anyone can redefine what it means to be two, it’s you, my love.  Enjoy this year of being anything but terrible!


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