Professor Oscar


As we piled into the car last night around 7:30 PM after a nap that didn’t end until nearly six o’clock, I decided to take a moment to clean out the most recent assembly of crumbs that had accumulated on the floor in front of Edgar’s car seat.  There were day-old (or, maybe, let’s face it, three-day-old) Cheez-Its and Goldfish crackers and a few frozen pellets previously known as raisins that I gathered and tossed into the street.

Oscar watched with interest, wheels obviously spinning, and the following conversation ensued:

Oscar:  Mom, what are you doing?

Me:  Sprinkling some treats on the ground for the birds and squirrels.

Oscar:  (Without a pause) Birds and squirrels are diurnal, not nocturnal.  They will not be able to eat those snacks.  They’re sleeping.

Me:  (After a nice throat-clearing) Well, then, perhaps they can have the snacks in the morning when they wake up.

Oscar:  By then everything will be frozen.  They won’t enjoy it.

Logical?  Of course.

Correct?  Most definitely.

Disarming?  Oh, boy . . . you bet.


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