To My Graduate

10Today, for many people, will feel like a finish line.  High School.  Done.  I made it I did it.  Another hurdle surmounted.  But I would be remiss if I didn’t share with you what I have learned about so-called finish lines.  They don’t exist.  This you may already know.  You know so much.  But just in case you don’t, it’s true.  There is no such thing.  Because once you pass through what the rest of the world would term a “finish line,” you are immediately onto your next race.  And that, I’m afraid, is how many people see this journey we’re all on.  Getting from Point A to Point B.  Rushing to get there, often, and forgetting that nothing—no destination, no accolade, no piece of paper–is worth more than the journey.  And nothing on the journey is worth more than the love you give and the love you are brave enough to receive.  You have achieved a milestone today, not unlike many you have already achieved, and for that I am incredibly proud of you.  I hope today you can feel pride, too, for your accomplishments, yes, but also for everything you have done to make this a reality.  This is not something everyone can or will do.  But you did.  Draw strength from that fact.  That you could do it and chose to.  You are ready to do such incredible work in the world, to be an inspiration without even trying.  Continue this journey of yours, crafting it to be precisely what you want it to be.  Embrace who you are, and know you are worthy and capable of great love.  Congratulations and all my love forever.