His, Ours, and the World’s

Photo courtesy of Don Farias Photography www.donfariasphotography.com

Photo courtesy of Don Farias Photography http://www.donfariasphotography.com

I have reserved the word miracle for very few events, very few occasions.  In fact, I think I can count on one hand the number of times I have used it in earnest, when what I was describing, living, truly rose to the level proffered by the word–or at least the intent of it.

We overuse the word—It’s a miracle when we hit every green light when we’re running late; a miracle when dinner, homework, and baths go off without a hitch; when you find your cellphone your child accidentally put in his toy bin in a moment of overzealous cleaning.

But those aren’t miracles, of course.

Some say miracles happen every day, and I’m sure they do; however, as individuals we don’t always have front-row seats.  Maybe that’s why we read, why feel-good stories are so palliative when interspersed amongst the typical news of the day . . .

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2 thoughts on “His, Ours, and the World’s

  1. I agree: the word “miracle” is not to be used lightly, but in your case, I believe you’ve witnessed one. Congratulations on your son’s progress and on being on staff on a very cool site, Creative Mama.

  2. Love, faith, trust, perseverance, and even acceptance by all parties are sometimes the ingredients to what ends up as a ‘miracle’. We’ll take it. Go Edgar!!!!

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