Ignoring It Doesn’t Make It Go Away

Hello Samantha,


One of your neighbors has flagged the message you posted as “Commercial”. Your neighborhood Leads have been notified of this request that the message be removed. Deletion of the message is at their discretion. If you would like to remove or edit the message yourself, you can do so by clicking the “Delete” or “Edit” link below your message. If you would like to contact the Leads of your neighborhood to provide them with additional background, click the “Message” button next to their name in the Leads Directory. To learn more about what types of messages are appropriate or inappropriate on Nextdoor, view the Guidelines for Neighborly Behavior and our Guidelines FAQ.

Thank you, The Nextdoor Team


IMG_0440A quip recap to start: Several days ago a neighbor wrote a racially offensive comment on our neighborhood’s Nextdoor site. I wrote about it here, and the author wound up removing it. Shortly after, two neighbors weighed in with their thoughts. I responded to their comments here and provided a link to my response in a comment. One of the two neighbors about whose words I wrote accused me of “attacking” her. I provided what I hope was a polite response and heard nothing more . . . until this morning when I read “one of [my] neighbors has flagged the message . . . “ and has requested “the message be removed.”

The reason cited for its removal is “Commercial.” It has been over an hour since I read this notification and am still metaphorically scratching my head as to what is “commercial” about a link to a post on a personal blog that accepts no advertising and generates no revenue. (In fact, I pay a fee to my blog host to ensure no ads pop up—that’s how not commercial this blog is.)

So, I am left to ponder this: As if a racially offensive comment were not enough for one week, followed up quickly with folks accusing me of being the “PC police” and “attacking” them, now a request is in to censor my words.

I wrote to the Leads asking whether they were planning to remove the comment and am awaiting a decision. And while the comment’s removal would add another unfortunate layer to this already tangled saga, the fact that the request is there in the first place is worth noting.

Talking about these issues is not easy.

But talk we must.

Because we are all here together, all in this together . . . and talking is truly the only chance we have.


3 thoughts on “Ignoring It Doesn’t Make It Go Away

  1. Says more about The Nextdoor Team than one who disagrees ever could.
    “Tis by no means the least of life’s rules: to let things alone.” Balthazar Gracian

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