Here’s a “Hispanic Type”

IMG_5686My son, a four-year-old Hispanic type, woke up this morning around 5:30 AM.

He walked his Hispanic type self downstairs, gave me a huge hug, and asked if he could watch Sesame Street.

Later, he and his brother, who happens not to be a Hispanic type, had toast and bananas and a little milk for breakfast.

My Hispanic type son then went off to preschool, where he worked on his shapes and letters. His current favorite is the rectangle, and he’s trying hard to master the letter “s.” He’s going to Kindergarten in the fall and is very excited.

I picked him up at 2:15 PM, got another huge hug, and brought my Hispanic type son home, where I opened an email notification from Nextdoor, an online social network forum whose mission it is to “[build] stronger and safer neighborhoods.”

In response to a neighbor who had left his/her car door unlocked and discovered $50 and a GPS missing the next day, one of my neighbors wrote: “I saw two Hispanic types the other day staring into cars but they were not doing anything illegal so [I] did not call [the] cops.”

One of my neighbors authored this . . . a neighbor who, in ten years, when my son, a beautiful soul who happens to be of Mexican ancestry and who happens to be her neighbor, is walking down the street, might see him, might watch him, may even disdainfully term him a “Hispanic type”—to herself, to a friend, in a public forum. At the very least she is a neighbor who wrote words my son may one day read, words that have the power to hurt and to divide.

Newport Buzz, a local online news source, sardonically quipped in the comment thread that “you have to watch out for those Hispanic types,” but the moderator of Nextdoor removed it—not the comment that is racially offensive but the one that pointed out that fact.

The purported mission of Nextdoor is to build stronger neighborhoods, and tonight ours fell very, very short.


6 thoughts on “Here’s a “Hispanic Type”

  1. Yeah? i hear Busy Body Crones are the lot to fear. Oops, a dose of one’s words.
    As is always the case with Mr. A, his charm will win, and he will convert even the most prejudiced to reconsider their, what? Stupidity? Okay be nice, call it ignorance.

  2. This brought tears to my eyes. I can only hope that your beautiful son can teach your neighbor what a great young man truely looks like with that beautiful smile of his.

  3. When I pointed out that the woman’s comment was racist they banned me from the website.

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