And Another Door Opens

I was there one strange night in New Jersey when he had to hand over a roll of film to officials after photographing a series of smokestacks that he may or may not have been authorized to photograph.

I have stood by his side in the bracing cold on the streets of New York City so he could get the perfect shot of a doorway or a window or a shadow on the sidewalk.

I have drifted off to sleep at night as he has slipped outside to photograph our own city streets.

I also watched him gently fall into call center work to pay his graduate school bills.

And as he rose through the ranks to program and project manager positions, earning enviable salaries commensurate with his work ethic and smarts, I saw his love of photography move to the proverbial back burner—never leaving his side but relegated to a mere avocation as the demands of work necessarily enveloped him.

And then a layoff.

IMG_4333A recalibration.

A hearty and heartfelt discussion of what is truly important, of what we ought to do with the very short time we are given, of the advice we’d give to our own children in a similar situation.

Remembering the adage, “Do what you love and you’ll never work a day in your life.”

I have always known Don Farias was a photographer.

And now he is Don Farias, Photographer.

His business.

His life.

One of his great loves.

Now center stage—his and ours.


6 thoughts on “And Another Door Opens

  1. Its sad to hear about people being laid off, but great to hear he has found a job he loves to do. I’m curious to know if you ever found out about the smoke stacks.
    How are you going.Samantha..

  2. I wholeheartedly support living our dreams, fulfilling our purposes. I believe there is a plan for each of us, and we need to pursue it and not get sidetracked. Sometimes it is hard to identify our plan, or know how best to follow it. Clearly though, this is Don’s plan. It almost clicks audibly when you hear it. You say to yourself, Well of Course. Don is a Photographer.

  3. After such a thoughtful post, I now feel committed to this in nothing but a good way. Thanks as always Samantha for your unwavering support!
    This lay off allowed me to re-look at my life, but more importantly, rediscover what I love to do. There is much work to be done though. The business part will be slow-going I know, but getting there will be a joy. Thanks all for the kind words and support,

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