A Day in My Life: March 2014

The title is a bit of a misrepresentation, but the schedule I have been keeping lately has necessitated a slightly different approach to this, one of my favorite projects.

Instead of 14 photographs capturing a single day, I have chosen my fourteen favorites from the last month.

Because that is the best I could do this month.

And I have to believe sometimes good enough is indeed good enough.

Please visit These Ripples and Waves for another take on this project at http://www.theseripplesandwaves.com/


They make each other laugh, and, yes, sometimes cry, but that is love.


Edgar and his beautiful birth sister


August, age 4, gets yet another love note from a preschool admirer.


Edgar is mesmerized by his hair and the shadow it casts.


August, still holding on, but just barely so.


Oscar mastered his two-wheeler this month.


Oscar less-than-amused . . . for the moment.


One of the finest kitchen assistants I know


Blueberry deliciousness came out of my oven this month.


Father and Son


Our budding marine biologist . . . and he’s not kidding.


Protection . . . Big Brother Style


When you’re nine, you have a lot to think about.


A little sustenance before Edgar’s Student of the Month Award


5 thoughts on “A Day in My Life: March 2014

  1. i had to take the same approach this month! i love the idea of this project, but if i can’t be flexible and adaptive, then it will become stressful to me instead of fulfilling. roll with it, right? 🙂

  2. love all of your pictures! getting a glimpse into the personalities (of children I’ve never met) through their mother is a treat. that love note looks pretty serious 🙂 great job, samantha. i’m all for flexibility and “good enough.” sometimes bending to make things work turns out to be even better than the original idea. ps- love your kitchen helper.

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