A Day in My Life: February 2014

The second in my attempt at this series, this one was a bit more challenging than the first.  In January, I chose a day that seemed to lend itself to photography–a Saturday, the one day in the week that breaks the perceived monotony, the one that features predominantly the photogenic men in my life.

For February, though, those participating were instructed to photograph on the 4th of the month–which in February 2014 was a Tuesday . . . a Tuesday in February in New England.

My first thought was probably the same thought every New Englander has when he or she contemplates a typical Tuesday in the dead of winter: Yuck!

I was fully convinced there was nothing out there worth the effort I needed to expend to click the shutter 14 times.

And then there was this.

And I realized I was wrong.

The view greeting me in the morning as I made lunches and prepared breakfast.

The view greeting me in the morning as I made lunches and prepared breakfast.


The secret to somewhat smooth sailing with three boys under ten: lay it out ahead of time.


My oldest in denial that he has to wake up. Bacon will change his mind.


The gorgeous footwear required for the day. Carrie Bradshaw I am not.


On my left as I walk down my front steps . . . I see buds but not enough to convince me spring is coming anytime soon.


On my way to work . . . no denying it’s pretty, but at this time of year, that’s about all I can say about it.


This is my desk at work. It’s a mess, but it’s a faithful representation and has served me well. Twenty-four years as an English teacher and not showing any sign yet of slowing down!


These shelves sit to my right at work and have all my favorite English teacher toys–a Virginia Woolf finger puppet, Socrates, Shakespeare, Austen, Queen Elizabeth I, and Poe plush toys–you get the idea!


Driving after work to pick up my four-year-old from preschool. There is a 15-minute window between when I get out of work and when I need to pick him up–just enough (and sometimes barely enough) time.


The eyes of my four-year-old and a face I have been waiting all day to see


Next stop . . . picking up my fourth- and second-grader, big backpacks and all.


My husband has been recently laid off. The good news is is his job search can be conducted from our dining room table.


Ah, my latest post for my column “Different Drummer” on ADDitude.com. This was a tough piece to write, but it seemed to resonate with a lot of readers, so I’m happy I did it.


I leave you with this . . . our neighbor, the true matriarch of our neighborhood, died recently, and her porch, which was once decorated with the objects of her life, is now clean and bare. I am struck by this in ways I still I haven’t processed, which means I had to write about it.

Visit Kristina Knight’s blog to see her take on this project. 


3 thoughts on “A Day in My Life: February 2014

  1. We have a lot in common! I’m from New England, I love to write and am obsessed with English, and there’s the whole ADHD thing. Looking forward to getting to know you a bit more through this DitL circle!

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