What I Wish

IMG_6567I wish I could go back to this moment–to say to this sweet boy whose body had been repeatedly ravaged by seizures, who was exhausted by the trauma of it all not to mention the side effects of the many medications he took, “It’s over–at least for the foreseeable future.”

I wish I had known on this day that he was going to come through it all, get to January 28, 2014, his two-year seizure-free anniversary, with abandon and thrive in ways we couldn’t yet imagine.

I wish I could have told him on this cold early February day in 2012, when he was so tired and so sad, that not only would he one day be seizure-free but medication-free.

I wish I could have held him and told him all I know now.

But all I could do then–and since–was hold him, tell him how much I love him, and then hold him some more.

It’s all we can ever do.

And sometimes it’s enough.


8 thoughts on “What I Wish

  1. Actually, it’s better than medication…and, there is no need to transfer your anxieties about what is unknown when touch and words work better.

  2. That’s all we can ever do for any obstacle or sadness in life, be it little or big. Love and a big hug can sometimes be the best cure. With all best wishes, Katie

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