A Day in My Life: January 2014

Though my photography skills are amateurish at best, I was intrigued when Clair Dickson, editor of The Creative Mama, asked if anyone might be interested in this project.

The details are fairly straightforward: Each month capture 14 images from any one day in your life and post them (with as much or as little commentary as you might like) on the 24th of that month.

I like this idea so, so much.  So often the photos we choose to share, while often lovely, poignant, and even at times breathtaking, are regularly posed, carefully selected, and heavily edited.  This project challenges you to document an ordinary day–which, of course, is laden with the mess and minutiae of life.

And while photos such as these will never replace the beauties hanging on my walls, they will offer something equally breathtaking to my children: accurate, authentic glimpses of our very real life together.

[Please click here to visit another take on this project–Jhona Oberholtzer’s blog We Weirdos Need to Stick Together.]

Early morning time on the Kindle

Early morning time on Oscar’s Kindle


Two new cookbooks to peruse as dinner gets planned


Breakfast is finished, and they are off to play.


There is no reasoning with a cat.


Life is expensive.


The new table gets a dose of mineral oil.


A digital native at four




Guitar in the morning with Dad


Picking up contributions for our local food pantry in the pouring rain


At least it’s not snow!


For our local food pantry–two shopping carts full


My favorite candle on a cold, rainy night


A multiplication game fascinates and delays bedtime.


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