In Adoptive Families Magazine


Once again I am incredibly honored to be able to lend my voice to this publication.

Please click here to visit “Two Degrees of August’s Birth Mother” in the latest issue of Adoptive Families and let me know what you think.


3 thoughts on “In Adoptive Families Magazine

  1. Just read it (I’ve got an article in the same issue) and enjoyed it. Especially this: “he said he saw “love.”

    What a beautifully loving constellation you are building for your sons, your family.

  2. I loved this article. Being of mom of three adopted boys also, I sometimes feel conflicted about the open adoption issue. Our first and middle sons have an open adoption, but both bio moms are currently living very unhealthy lifestyles. My middle son had his first Skype visit with his bio mom about a month ago and I was really anxious about it. It went OK, but at three years old, he still doesn’t seem to grasp what it’s all about. Your article offered another view of open adoption that I really appreciated. So thank you!

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