On Families in the Loop

IMG_5249“In the last two weeks my 9-year-old son, Oscar, has volunteered at the local animal shelter, played his violin in concert, made some wicked moves on the board in Chess Club, met with his Latin tutor, and organized a bake sale and online fundraiser that yielded nearly $1,500 for the victims of Typhoon Haiyan in the Philippines.

“All of his own free will and all his original ideas, mind you.

“I say this not to boast or to vicariously bask in his glory. I am just as proud of the work I’ve done myself over the past two weeks as I am of the work he has done. In fact, I think it’s safe to say my work ethic matches his. However, he is 9 and, well, I am clearly not. . . .”

Read the rest here on Families in the Loop.


3 thoughts on “On Families in the Loop

  1. Yesterday on my walk to pay taxes I passed another “Man of the Streets” seated on a blanket. When I passed he tried to say something but coughed and gagged on his ever present cigarette. How do they afford them? On the way back I dropped off a breakfast and coffee from a local place that knew of him and what he liked. He appreciated it, assured me he was warm, and home I came to find a parka I could live without and winter gear to go with it. I dropped it off while he munched on cookies, appreciated the “donation,” while he coughed and gagged, and thought, “Oscar would approve.” Peace,

  2. You have brought those boys up with great ethics. Too bad other parents don’t do the same. Can you imagine this world if all the kids were brought up like these boys. Congratulations to Oscar and to YOU (whatever your age LOL).

  3. Samantha, Oscar was always meant to be a part of your world…it’s all about timing. Crossing paths with him when you were both nine would probably have been for a short period of time. You have each other now…forever.

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