Tonight’s the Night

DSC_0016Since mid-October 2011, our now-eight-year-old son Edgar has taken medication to control the seizures associated with his epilepsy.  It took a while to get the medication “right,” but at its height he was on enough medication to simply break your heart.

Eventually his talented neurologist found the right blend, and his seizures stopped, and his progress was so steady and so positive that she was able, in time, to start slowly weaning him off it.

Last Friday he stopped his modest daytime dose, and tonight is the first night–in over two years–he will go to bed without his modest nighttime dose.

And I am scared.  Plain and simple.  Going from sleep to wakefulness for Edgar was often a seizure trigger; and I have been comfortable in harboring the belief that the medication–in whatever current quantity it was being prescribed–kept those morning seizures at bay.

But tonight I am compelled to reach out into the universe–cyber and otherwise–to ask for your good energy.  I don’t know what you believe–or sometimes even what I believe–but what I do know is this:  Without warning and completely unexpectedly Edgar’s seizures began; and just as mysteriously they stopped.  Life is full of challenges, but just as readily it presents what can only be termed miracles.

Edgar told me everything is going to be fine, and I believe him.  But I figured there was no harm in asking for the power of your intentions and for the miracle to continue.


8 thoughts on “Tonight’s the Night

  1. I wish you all a peaceful night sleep and I hope that your son’s seizures are a thing of the past. My daughter is also on anti-seizure medications twice daily. The doctor has increased her dose several times this year. I cannot imagine your stress. I hope it is a quiet night.

  2. My best wishes to Edgar, you and your family. The first night may be difficult because of the unknown but all will be fine. Each night will be easier on all of you. Know that I am thinking of all of you.

  3. Anxiety and worry are natural.
    of course you’ll be checking 9876546789 times if not sleeping on the floor by his bed, but at this point allowing yourself, minutes, hours, days of distance from the last seizure is the path you are on. Deep breaths, and carry on.
    Should a change present itself, you are prepared. The anxiety and worry will always surface but tug on your grace and balance and hope.

  4. You’ve got my good vibes. As my mother used to say before she would tuck us in at night, “may all the powers of the universe keep you healthy, happy, and safe and make wise choices”. The last part doesn’t really fit in here, but I thought I would include it anyways, it would sound to incomplete without it.

  5. You’ve done good, mama! Keep your eye on the prize and imagine him seizure free and enjoying a good rest every night. That’s exactly how I see him. Edgar will be an inspiration for my little boy when he will come off his own seizure meds someday.

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