Not Bad Problems to Have

IMG_1211Recently in our little corner of New England the weather has been very, well, New England—days of desperate quests for air-conditioning followed by my tearing the house upside down to find my fleece-lined slippers.  In other words, it has been perfect movie weather.

Except that since we made a concerted effort to reduce our children’s screen time, they seem to have lost their interest in said screens—almost completely.

This is not necessarily a bad problem to have, of course.  That they prefer playing or reading to watching television is the stuff of dreams.  But there are those days—those days that are too hot or too wet to be outside—that a movie is just what the mother (or father or caregiver) ordered.   There are countless films that have much to offer, and everyone deserves and is a little better after downtime.

However, there is no longer any downtime in our house—despite my ardent suggestions:

“Hey, guys, since it’s so hot and you haven’t watched any television in, what, the last five days, what do you think about a DVD this afternoon?”

They think not and disappear upstairs or to the porch or the backyard to play.

Our house is messier, noisier, and I am without a doubt more tired than I have ever been.  But I think in the long run these, too, will not be bad problems to have.


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