By Hand and From the Heart

My entrepreneurial eight-year-old expressed a desire to fashion his own business cards today.  He has been a dog-walker for a week now and feels that getting his name out there will help him to move on his dream to buy a little $800,000 home he’s had his eye on for a couple of months.

We did what most everyone does when they need to find something, anything, and started by entering “business card templates” into Google.  Then we typed “business card templates free” (because who doesn’t like free?).  Then “business cards dog-walking.”

It reminded me of my general experience with wallpaper books—too many options and I become easily overwhelmed if not lost.  I longed for someone to give me just three choices.

Interestingly, my son seemed underwhelmed with my approach and asked, “Couldn’t I just make them myself?”

I quickly grabbed a piece of paper, lest he change his mind, gave him a pen, and let his soon-to-be-fourth-grade penmanship go to work.  He then asked if he could include a visual, maybe a small picture of him walking his first dog.

IMG_1472As he crafted his card, we talked about some of the claims he wanted to include: Yes to the word “professional” since he’s been paid for his services; No to saying he has been in business since 1800.

When he was finished, he proudly brought his finished card to me.  I looked at it, smiled, and thought to myself,  “There is nothing better to be found in all the search engines in the world.”  I told him we could make copies on cardstock at the store and he’d be ready to give them out.

He asked if I thought they would help attract new customers.  And as I looked at his earnest face then at his sweet drawing accompanied by his best, his neatest printing, I thought, “How could they not?”


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