A Man of Means

IMG_1387Oscar earned his first paycheck this week.

He is a dog-walker, and a dedicated one at that.  And watching his emerging work ethic has been nothing short of inspiring.

He thinks about his work all the time, attends to the details necessary to ensure he’s doing a good job, and has his eye on garnering a good recommendation so he can perhaps be offered additional jobs.

And he likes earning his own money.  He said it feels good.  He said he’s proud.

We allowed him to use this, his first paycheck, in any way he chose; but he understands future paychecks will involve less spending at Toys R Us and more saving and contributions to our local animal shelter.

He is learning the value of money and the value of work–and the fact that $50 does not go nearly as far as he might like.

We could explain all this to him, even model it, but nothing takes the place of experience.

The check he’s holding is worth so much more than the dollar amount it represents.  To us, his parents, it’s his first step toward financial independence.


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