Finding One Another

Do you ever stop to think about the sequence of events that had to happen to bring you to your loved ones, what had to occur so that you would and could find one another?

Probably most of us do–for a short time but then our heads start to hurt: This person needed to meet this person, who needed to move to this place at the exact same time as this person . . . and on it goes.

As a mother who formed her family through adoption, I am regularly struck, when I look at my three sons, what had to happen to bring them together.  It’s not just that their father and I had to find one another first, then choose to pursue adoption, but everything else . . . from the agency we chose, to our social worker, to timing for and choices made by each of their birth parents.

Three boys who otherwise would be strangers in this world are brothers.  Three boys who might never have had the opportunity even to lay eyes on one another are the best of friends.

If you think my head hurts thinking about this, imagine my heart . . .



2 thoughts on “Finding One Another

  1. Love requires imagination…then, when reality happens, time zooms at warp speed, and as much as we’d like to savor we have to keep pedaling or we may miss a memory, “zing went the strongs of my heart.” Life, imagination–whatever mode is present, grab the experience.

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