Worth Listening To

IMG_0450He’ll be four a week from today, and he is a force with which to be reckoned.  He is bold, he is quick, he is loud, and he is very, very loving.

And until this point most of the posts I have written about him have pertained to his relationships with others—his family and his birthmother particularly.

As a parent, and perhaps as a parent who is also a writer on the constant prowl for inspiration, I listen exceedingly carefully to every word my children utter.  I often will post on Facebook the sardonic quips that come out of my oldest son Oscar’s mouth; and Edgar’s revelations about himself and his world have moved me to compose with a vehemence previously unknown to me.

But August is young; and while he is painfully funny and sharp as the proverbial tack, he is still only three.  I believe children are truly our wisest teachers; but toddlers tend to instruct more with their deeds than with their words.

Today, however, a switch was flipped.  As we sat having lunch together to celebrate the end of his first year of preschool, four people tucked themselves into the booth next to ours—two women and two children.  The children and the toys they had in tow caught his attention first.  But then he turned his gaze to the two women.

“Mommy, those kids have two mommies.  That is so cool.”

He went back to chomping on his chicken nuggets without missing a beat, not realizing the simultaneous simplicity and profundity of what he had just said.  Surreptitious eavesdropping revealed that the two women were actually sisters, but his words hung in the air—near my ears and around my heart.

Whether August’s perspicacity is the result of the time and place into which he was born, his natural inclinations, parenting, or a combination of any and all of the above, I looked at him and realized unequivocally the strength of his voice—a loud and powerful voice that I now see has the potential to contribute to the changes and shifts so desperately needed in our world.



4 thoughts on “Worth Listening To

  1. I’m raising my glass to August as I prepare to sit down to dinner with my two daughters and their other mommy.

  2. August is an amazing youngster.
    He does enjoy his solo time, as did the other two, Oscar before Edgar, and Edgar when Oscar went to school, and each deserves that undivided attention.
    August is social; often he observes before he jumps in, and any shyness is momentary. His memory amazes.
    In the extra time together yesterday, he worked on a large floor puzzle, with some impatience. When it was time to pick up E and O, I asked him to box up the pieces.
    He had put them into the cover versus bottom of the box so I showed him what to do with one piece and he did the others, then had some trouble putting the cover on.
    Next thing I know he is gone. I called. “Upstairs.”
    “What are you doing upstairs?”
    “Putting the puzzle away.”

  3. I knew August was a special little kid when I met him when he was 2 years old. This blog reminds me even more of him. I tried to save it but unable to. If you can could you send a copy to my email for my keeping. You are such lucky parents to have these three special sons.

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