The End of Another Era

parents1It has been in existence since 1926; and though I have not been a reader for quite that long, I have been . . . for many, many years.  Since my oldest son Oscar was an infant–almost nine years ago.

With features that cut through the mystique of babyhood and the idiosyncrasies of early childhood, I devoured my issue each month.  For nearly the last decade, Parents magazine was a constant companion and resource for me–a place I could go to for important safety information and reasonable advice.  It is a pretty magazine, too, and one that respects the sleep-deprived shrinking attention spans of its most ardent fans.  I could pick it up then promptly put it down when, usually after just getting comfortable, someone under four feet tall would need me for something.

This month’s issue arrived in the mail two days ago; but instead of opening it right away, it sat on my dining room table (possibly under a pile of clean laundry).  This morning I unearthed it and scanned the cover:  “Prep for Preschool” (our youngest is already firmly established in preschool); “The Year’s Best Family Cars” (we already have one); “Let’s Play: Help Baby Reach His Milestones” (sigh, all our “babies” have reached theirs).

I opened the issue and with the turn of each page realized this magazine is no longer for me.  I am by no means an experienced mother, but I am no longer a new mother.  And that is a milestone in and of itself.   And though I know I know very little and still have very much to learn, I now need to look elsewhere.  This publication belongs to the next wave of new parents.

And as I reflected on bidding Parents a fond farewell, I thought to look at the subscription label to see when my last issue was set to arrive . . . July 2013.  This issue.

How did they know I’d be ready?


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