An Interview with Edgar

IMG_0091Please click here to read a telling interview with my son Edgar, who was diagnosed with ADHD last fall, on today.

As parents we constantly second-, third-, and fourth-guess every decision we make.  Edgar’s words are as poignant as they are telling, and I am grateful he has found them and has the means to articulate them.

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2 thoughts on “An Interview with Edgar

  1. ” I would say I’m fun, and that I love living. (Pauses.) Mom, sometimes I still misbehave, and sometimes I don’t. But now I know when I’m misbehaving, so I really try not to.”

    Really, isn’t that what we would all want from our lives, regardless of our age or our challenges — to feel good about ourselves, to love our lives, to do our best, and to be kind to ourselves when we mess up?

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