dandelion coverI have never been one to try to recreate memories from my childhood with my own children. And to be perfectly fair, this says more about my upbringing and less about my magnanimity as a human being. But that aside, there was always one thing I yearned to share with each of my sons, a book that for me housed many moments of peace and wound up encapsulating—perhaps even helping to create–a personal philosophy and mode of being . . .

Please read more over at The Creative Mama . . . And leave a comment there, if you’d like.  I’d love to know your favorite book growing up and if you ever shared your personal favorite with a child.  What was his/her reaction?


One thought on “This Month on THE CREATIVE MAMA

  1. I can’t really recall my Mother reading to me, other then the Bible “Revelations” not something I would read to Mary at the age of 2 or 10. My personal favorite book I first read myself that was the most memorable “charlotte’Web”. Now, I can’t wait to read that book to Mary.
    I enjoy reading to my daughter and feel its very important for her development and our bond. Mary enjoys it too and so do I.
    To name a few of our favorites ,”I Love You Through and Through “By Bernadette Rossetti-Shustak
    “The Usborne Book of Night Night Stories” By Sam Taplin & Francesca di. Chiara
    “Love You Forever ” By Robert Munsch
    Any book with “Elmo” 🙂
    Reading time is a special time for us.

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