Hearing His Music Once Again

“Well, hello there, cutie!”
“Thanks, little buddy.”
IMG_2933Words from strangers in public places to my seven-year-old son in the last 24 hours—the first from a lovely waitress in a restaurant to my son as he walked to the restroom, the second from a gentleman at the Boston Museum of Science when my son lifted a rope stanchion out of his way.
That this qualifies as news of the day may be surprising. There are probably lots of parents with very cute, very helpful children who get approving nods, gestures, and words from kind strangers regularly.
But not my son. Not lately at any rate.
My seven-year-old son Edgar was diagnosed with ADHD very recently; and despite the fact that he is very cute and very helpful, that is often not what people—especially strangers—saw.

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