Our Capacity to Love

As much as I might like to take a break from the news, I am compelled to read, drawn to the events of the day for reasons that are equal parts selfish and magnanimous, offensive and defensive.

And today as I read the latest round of finger-pointing, excuse-making, and name-calling, Mary Warren’s comment to Goody Proctor in The Crucible rang in my ears: “We must all love each other now, Goody Proctor.”

Love.  Now.

A wise friend once expressed her wish to me and to our family: “May your capacity to love surpass your desire to be loved.”

And, honestly, I believe it really is as simple as this.  When we shift our thinking from wanting others to like us, to love us, to need us and move toward a place where we freely and selflessly give of ourselves to others and to the greater good, a monumental shift takes place–a shift the world so desperately needs right now.

As 2012 draws to a close, I share with you a brief slide show of our friends and family this past year and remain grateful for our capacity to love.

Hold on tight to those you can; hold in your heart those you can’t.  And continue to grow your capacity to love.  This, truly, is our only hope.


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