It’s Time to Do Better


Tonight my cousin, a preschool teacher in Connecticut, sent me a photograph of one of her former students–a beautiful little girl whose eyes were as wide as her smile, her expression one full of hope.  My cousin described her as “creative,” and “social,” and “smart.”

I looked at her and could think of just one thing: This child could have been my child; this child could have been your child.

Having a child with epilepsy, I can tell you emphatically I would move a mountain if that’s what it would take to keep my son safe and healthy.  I would move a mountain if it meant there were even a chance that it would keep him safe and healthy.

If you told me I had to give up my car or my television or my computer to keep him safe and healthy, I would not hesitate.

And I’m fairly certain there isn’t a parent who wouldn’t concur or wouldn’t do the same.

So, why are we so reluctant to give up our guns when doing so has the potential to help keep our children safe and healthy?  Why are we reluctant to make changes–even small ones–when doing so might make a difference, might make THE difference?

As parents, we give up our time, we give up sleep, we give up peace of mind for our children.  And we don’t begrudge it.  We would give up ANYTHING for their well-being because they are children and because we love them.

Some might argue that there is no guarantee that changes in our gun laws would make a difference.  But, of course, that is no argument.  Because we love our children–ours and everyone else’s–we have to try.


6 thoughts on “It’s Time to Do Better

  1. Once upon a time when I wanted to hire a lawyer to protect my child’s rights, the lawyer said, “She has none; she’s a child.” Needless to say, the cringe persists. Children have rights. The second amendment was written for a different time.
    People who have power are reluctant to give it up or share it regardless of times or equality or any other reason. However, the effort to word laws is within our power.
    Persistence takes effort, determination, and grit.

  2. When the second amendment was written a musket was the “arms” choice. No one needs a semi-automatic gun to protect themselves.

  3. While I agree that no one other than members of law enforcement and our military needs an assault rifle, I disagree that disarming the average citizen of their hunting rifles or handguns would prevent another Connecticut or Fort Hood. Anyone hellbent on committing such a heinous act will go to any length to do it, whether they get their hands on a gun, knife, or bomb making materials.

  4. As a license handgun carrier I will leave these thoughts as my opinion, when Timothy McVeigh (not sure on the spelling of his last name) wanted to create a mass killing all he needed was fertilizer, two airplanes were used to create the same affect. When the United States wanted to do it we create the A-Bomb. Cars and alcohol, drugs kill every day. In Tennessee alone this year we have had over 1000 highway fatalities due to a lot of common dominators that could have prevented them if we would change the law or at least enforce the laws that we have. Last week a mother of a four month old and her boyfriend were arrested for killing her baby, her excuse was they did not have a babysitter and did not want to leave the baby home alone. Here is the bottom line; when someone is in the mood to kill and there are no more guns to buy or steal-they will find another way, we have already shown them how.

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