Forward Movement






Life looks different here. Very different . . .

Taking turns without a drop of contention.

Completing homework without a single tear.

Penmanship that is more precise.

A content and genuine end-of-the-day smile.

A palpable sense of peace.

We are negotiating the world of ADHD and medication with our eyes wide open, and we are putting our trust in our son to lead us through this journey. He is re-learning and unlearning, endeavoring to change entrenched patterns, altering his previously default responses to challenges. I stand by his side and in utter awe.

There are struggles in the process. Perfection doesn’t exist and therefore shouldn’t be the goal–for a person with ADHD or without.

But there is forward movement.

And there is more ease, more confidence, more comfort for our son.

It’s what every parent wants and every child deserves.

[I would like to take this opportunity to welcome new readers and to thank WordPress for the recognition of being Freshly Pressed. You have many, many choices in terms of what you read online and off. I will endeavor to deserve your time, your readership, and your thoughtful comments. Thank you.]


5 thoughts on “Forward Movement

  1. Edgar’s job is easier with the love, guidance, research, and efforts of you, Don, Oscar, and August. Yes, it’s your job. Yes, he is your responsibility. But, when you afford yourself the luxury of a deserved deep breath be grateful for being the exemplary patient and loving parents you are.

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  3. We rode that roller coaster with our son until, finally, he found his rhythm and how he learned best. We’ve hopped back on with our daughter and, like Edgar and you, we ride that coaster up and down and up again, each achievement more awesome than the last. Best wishes to you and your family!

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