No Words

There have been times as a writer when I have sat down with only the vaguest notion of what it is I want to write, plopping myself on my chair and placing my fingers on the keyboard and simply hoping and trusting the words will come.

And I’ve been lucky–really lucky–because they usually do.

But tonight they’re not coming.

And maybe it’s because there are none.

I thought when I first heard the news today that my biggest challenge would be how to explain this tragedy to my two oldest sons–but only if they had happened to hear about it, only if they brought it up first.

But that is not my challenge because there is no explanation.

We field questions from our curious children all day every day. And though the “why’s” may occasionally seem incessant, we can provide answers.

We’re the parents. The teachers. The grownups. We know things. We can fill in their blanks.

But who fills in ours when there are no words, no explanations?

How do we explain senselessness?


4 thoughts on “No Words

  1. I cried and could only ask God ‘why?’ and prayed for the day to end quickly so I could hug my own two kids. It’s difficult to explain evil without crossing over and making them live in fear of everyone and everything.

  2. Don’t just hug your kids when you hear these stories… it’s senseless tragedy but so is child cancer like “rockstar ronan” blog and then their are the kids with special needs that live in pain. Like my son Kodiak
    Hug your kids every day and if they don’t have difficulties in life be thankful. And if they do be thankful you can still hold them and hug them…
    Never stop loving your kids!!! My kids are my world…

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