Please visit The Creative Mama for this month’s post, “Allowed to Choose”–and leave a comment, if you can.  I’d love to hear what you think!



2 thoughts on “On THE CREATIVE MAMA

  1. It’s not just how important it is to choose at a young age, it is the power of knowing that you were given the opportunity to choose and reflect on what that meant to your life’s journey, as you get older, and ,theoretically, wiser.

  2. We have always told our boys, we don’t care what you’re involved or interested in, as long as it’s something (other than video games 🙂 ) — and sure enough, they have found their way, making their choices. Music is such a wonderful choice — one that a person carries with them the rest of his life, whether or not he continues to play an instrument into adulthood. Lovely post. ~ Kat

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