A Plea for Civility

I suppose I should just let some things go.  I suppose human nature being what it is, the dissolution of manners, good taste, and respect during an election season is to be expected.  But, of course, I can’t–for so many reasons, not the least of which is my three impressionable sons who are watching this world with ever-increasing powers of observation.

We teach our children about bullying, about the dangers of name-calling.  We tell one another that someone’s negative words say more about the speaker than they do about the victim.  We remind our students that in an argument you attack the idea and not the person.

And yet twice this week I have seen the portmanteau word libtard–a combination of “liberal” and “retard.”  I’ll forgo a diatribe on what is so obviously heinous about this term and skip right to my point:  People disagree–about everything.  This isn’t going to change in the next eight weeks–or ever.  But for the sake of the children watching and listening and learning, we need to do better.  We need to employ the lessons we teach our children–no matter your political party or proclivity.

Because, really, it’s not Mitt Romney or Barack Obama–it’s the children who are our only hope for change.




One thought on “A Plea for Civility

  1. As true as that is, most people don’t have the patience for that perspective.
    And when it comes to children’s rights, wait until you’re told they have none!
    So, for those of us who really love kids, we have to let some experiences slip slide away, and others, we just have to pull the ignorant aside and in terms they would understand, “Look &*(&^%%^$%$%, not in front of my kids or I’ll beat the (*&^%$%^ out of you!!!”

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