Absence Makes the Heart Grow Kind of Fonder

When selecting summer day camps for Oscar and Edgar, I tend to start by finding those that reinforce their existing interests (Oscar spent an edifying week at Physics and Chemistry camp, and Edgar is currently in his glory at horseback-riding camp).  I also like the camps not to overlap; in other words, while Oscar is at camp, I like to spend as much one-on-one time with Edgar as I can; and while Edgar is at camp, I like to hang out with Oscar.  August still naps for at least two hours every day, so summer camp truly does present a unique opportunity in a family of three boys.

Today’s excessive heat and humidity, though, rendered me incapable of even making a sandwich for Oscar and August’s lunches.  So by 11 AM, I suggested we go out for lunch.  An air-conditioned venue and restaurant macaroni and cheese was a recipe for happiness all around.  And I thought for sure they would enjoy the extra attention and proportionate serenity that dining with two–as opposed to three–children affords.  I flipped one of the placemats and wrote Oscar’s and August’s names and asked them to color their letters.

August started; and while he colored in his name, Oscar was writing on the back of his own placemat:

I looked at his creation and simply smiled.

Oscar said–just a tad defensively–“I guess after three days of camp, I kind of miss him.”

Oscar was nowhere near as thrilled as I had thought he would be about having lunch without Edgar, and I couldn’t be more thrilled at being wrong.


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