Sometimes It’s Not About the Shortest Distance

Oscar and Edgar have been working diligently on summer packets with me.  Nothing too daunting or time-consuming, I assure you–just enough to keep their skills sharp, maybe introduce a few new ones, and add a little structure to our predominantly lazy summer days.

Last week one of Edgar’s tasks was to draw a line from a capital letter to its lowercase counterpart.  Simple enough task.  Certainly one he could handle.

Here is his work:

It looks at first glance arbitrary and completed without care.  But a second look reveals that every response is correct.

The directions said to draw a line . . . nothing about its being straight or direct.

This work calls attention to itself but could be interpreted as a whimsical response to an otherwise staid task.

And then I realized that this is him–in every way–and that there was no other way for him to do it.

The next twelve years are going to challenge this boy who is not content to take the shortest distance between two points; but I can promise we will be by his side–to help him navigate and learn to channel, to champion him, to preserve that which makes him stand out.

People like Edgar have the power to change the world.   And there isn’t a day that goes by that I don’t wish I weren’t more like him.


6 thoughts on “Sometimes It’s Not About the Shortest Distance

  1. We spend an enormous amount of time and people trying to understand what makes some people click, and we rarely give attention to the challenges they face trying to understand others who have followed a pattern, fit a standard, and done all the “right” things. Square peg round hole, round peg, square hole.

  2. Sometimes the shortest distance has many obstacles on the way to a destination, so, it is necessary to take the long way and enjoy the trip

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