Falling into Place

Today August visited with his birthmother, who is seven-and-a-half months pregnant.

Today his birthmother also signed a photo release for an upcoming article of mine that will be published in the September issue of Adoptive Families magazine.   It’s a photo of her and August (and a beautiful one, too,  if I do say so myself) taken last fall.

I highlighted the gist of the article–how you explain to a child who joined his/her family through adoption a birthmother’s pregnancy and her subsequent decision to parent.  I explained why the magazine wanted to use the photo and then asked her about how she would like to be identified in the caption.

His birthmother handed back to me the signed release and told me that she hopes one day to do some writing herself–to explain to prospective birthmothers the benefits of making an adoption plan, to help ease their fears and highlight the benefits.

An hour-and-a-half later August put his hand on his birthmother’s belly to feel the baby.

And by the time our two-hour visit had ended, I had the feeling that we were all doing just fine.


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