Moving On

“Mom, can I go over to Alex’s house?”

Eight words that forever changed Oscar from a small boy who was under constant supervision to a young man who was finally able to feel the first vestiges of independence.

This morning is the first morning that his best friend and confidant won’t be just two doors down, won’t be close enough to roll out of our house and over to his.

They’ve moved–not far, but not within walking distance without the previous requisite supervision.

So, it’s different.

Oscar said this morning that he knows he’ll still see Alex but acknowledged that he is sad and that it won’t be the same.

He then added that he was glad for the year Alex lived two doors down and how he became his best friend.

Focusing on the positive and not dwelling on the loss . . . a lesson from a very independent seven-year-old.


2 thoughts on “Moving On

  1. Life is time, growth, and change. As much as we like routine and regularity, time compels us to adjust to rapid and gradual changes. Healthy adjustments deserve attention, at 3, 7, 8, and whatever age we are lucky to experience.

  2. S9me children adjust so easily to change while others (even in the same household) have such a difficult time.

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