Down, Down, Down

When this is your six-year-old’s daily regimen (times two), any opportunity to reduce it is welcome.

Very welcome–but also very scary.

Because it is precisely this regimen in this exact combination that has allowed Edgar to remain seizure-free for over two months.

But after his EEG came back about as perfect as any EEG could, his neurologist made the decision that it was time to start scaling things back–milliliter by milliliter.

So that’s what we’re doing–every Wednesday, in fact . . . reducing one of his medications by one milliliter in the morning and one in the evening.  It is a very reasonable, very “slow and steady” kind of approach, and it may not even sound like much.

But it is–from both a medical perspective and a very superstitious mother’s perspective.

So, when you see us on Wednesdays and we seem as though we might be holding our breath a bit, that’s because we are.


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