Lying Still, Full of Rest

For the last several weeks, this is how our son, who previously moved faster than a speeding bullet, has been spending his afternoons.

It’s him and his beanbag chair from the time he gets home from school until it’s time for his next dose of medicine.

He’s tired and can’t live life the way he has, the way he wants to, the way he should.

But we explain this is just another stop on his journey to seizure control.  A quiet stop.

In Julius Caesar, the admittedly devious but always clever Cassius said:

‘Tis better that the enemy seek us:

So shall he waste his means, weary his soldiers,

Doing himself offence; whilst we, lying still,

Are full of rest, defense, and nimbleness.

Even though Brutus didn’t want to listen, Cassius was absolutely right; and so are you, Edgar.  Listen to your body and keep resting.  Weary the enemy while you remain still–and you will come out on the other side–full of a nimbleness the likes of which even Shakespeare himself couldn’t have imagined.


4 thoughts on “Lying Still, Full of Rest

  1. You are following the only course you can.
    Impatience for answers doesn’t hasten them.
    Exhausting every possible detour, leads you back on the highway, tired and wondering.
    The gas, love, tank remains full, the determination is steadfast. traveling in the storm of anxiety remains–as does hope.

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