In the Presence of Greatness

I am ordering a 5 x 7 print of this photo as I write, and later today I will embark on a quest for a frame worthy.

And this photograph will sit on my desk now and forever–and not because we’re wearing dry-clean-only attire but because we are standing next to true modern-day heroes, a couple who inspires me in ways my weak words will never be able to fully articulate.

When I need an ear, Richard and Deb Siravo are there.

When I need to be brought back down to earth, they help me along.

When I am angry (and, yes, sometimes I am), they have the rare gift of being supportive yet simultaneously calming.

They have taken tragedy and turned it into healing–and not just for themselves but for all.

They don’t complain; they celebrate.

They teach what they know and what the rest of the world so desperately needs to know.

And they remind me who I need to be as we navigate these waters.

Our son’s epilepsy is a journey, and these are our guides.

And I know we are in good hands.


12 thoughts on “In the Presence of Greatness

  1. You’ve paid them the highest compliment want could ever ask for (not that they ever would)! Each of you looked smashing…Kathi

  2. Losing a child is the greatest challenge a parent could ever face. Deb and I wanted to take that tragedy and convert it into positive energy to help folks dealing with epilepsy much like we experience for five years with young Matty. We left promising careers to shine the beacon of light and hope on epilepsy in Rhode Island.

  3. love to all of you for your strength, courage and sharing…and inspiration that will touch many more than you ever even know about!

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