Food for the Soul

He may stand at a mere 36 inches and have been on the planet for just two-and-a-half years, but tonight August showed a capacity for empathy that belies his small stature and decided youth.

Surrounded by several EMTs and cradled in my arms, Edgar was working hard to recover from a grand mal seizure.  August stood and watched and asked questions.  He knew Edgar wasn’t feeling well.  He looked perplexed.

He exited and headed to the kitchen, picked up the detritus that was his pancake, and marched back to Edgar.

He broke off a piece and placed it gently in Edgar’s mouth.  The EMT joked that August should check to make sure all his fingers were still there.

But August just smiled.

He was proud that he had fed his brother, that he made his brother happy.

And if you think he was proud and happy, well, just imagine how I felt.

Well done, August.  Well done.


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