He’s My Brother

He knows the meaning of and can pronounce “idiopathic.”  He can differentiate between a grand mal and an absence seizure and delineate the characteristics of each.  And he will be the first one to tell you exactly what epilepsy is (“a little problem with the electricity in your brain”) and is not (“a sickness”).

He’s seven years old and quite possibly the best big brother on the planet.

Yesterday he discovered his brother having a seizure, knew exactly what he had to do, and explained to the five-year-old onlookers why they should not be laughing.  This morning he perceived an aura before either one of his parents–though we were all in the room together–and warned us of what he was sure was an impending seizure.  (It was.)

Tonight he asked if his brother would ever be able to get his driver’s license and assured me that should Edgar not be able to drive, he would take him where he needed to go.

He told me he worries and that he’ll always look out for him.

And I looked into those big brown eyes and wondered who he is, how we got so lucky, and is this too much.

So I asked him.  “Oscar, do you ever feel as though this is too much?”

And his reply?

“It’s not ‘too much.’  It’s life.  And it’s going to be okay.”

And I believe him.  Because it’s him.


16 thoughts on “He’s My Brother

  1. Samantha this post brought me to tears. Oscar may be seven years old but he is wise beyond his years. And I do believe he is the best big brother on the planet! Love and prayers to all of you.

  2. Oscar does what he is asked to do, and does what he senses. He has had to mature beyond his years to help keep a watchful eye. When he ‘s not actively doing, he’s observing, and calls others to task. And, he’s fast. “Step up to the plate”? Don’t blink. He’s already hit a home run, sped around the bases, and is waiting at home plate.
    And the best little brother makes his big brothers feel like kings.

  3. Reading this was the perfect way to start a rainy Thursday morning. How incredibly amazing your sons are – congratulations on a job well done – it is because of you and your husband.

  4. Honestly? I’ve been waiting for this post, knowing what I know about Oscar and his amazing, thoughtful, empathetic, protective big-brother self. Doesn’t surprise me a bit. Please give him a big squeeze and let him know he has a huge fan club! XOXO

  5. Oscar, you are the Best Brother anyone could be blessed with. You are SPECIAL in the most Wonderful Ways. We all Love YOUand are so PROUD of YOU!

    Thank you MOM for sharing!

  6. Oscar is a SPECIAL LITTLE BOY who takes giant steps everyday. I’m sure that the best is yet to come. Brotherly love at it’s best.

  7. Andrew and I both had tears in our eyes when we read this post. You, Sammie Sam, are a truly amazing woman with incredible sons! For a little boy to be so eloquent in his speech and caring of his brother makes me take a hard look at myself and hope that I too can be just like this little boy when I “grow up”. Thank you so much for sharing this amazing conversation!

  8. Why is it that chidren know more than us? Their hearts are open, their minds unclutered and they accept the present. Oscar’s words are a gift to all.

  9. Oscar is blessed with the largest of hearts, but the miracle of Oscar is that his intellect is able to keep up with his heart. This is so rare! And then he has parents and a community who encourage him well. Such a big brother changes the world.

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