Checking in with August

His oldest brother is the trailblazer and his next oldest has been on the front page of the newspaper–and his mother is now having an official nagging case of the guilts because her youngest has not been getting his share of blog time.

So, let’s rectify that, shall we?

Where do I begin?

He’s fierce and funny and sassy and demonstrative and incredibly intelligent.

His new favorite word is “Why?” followed by “Never!” (not a mere “no”) as a close second.  And his signature expression–make that a command–is “WANT SOME?”  (In other words, give me what you’re eating this instant!)

He has liquid brown eyes and a smile that is going to get him out of a whole lot of trouble. 

He insists on doing everything himself–from taking off his jacket to reading his own bedtime stories.

He is playful and contemplative, affectionate and independent.

In other words, he’s two–in every sense of the word. 

And a beauty–inside and out. 



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