The Zen of Adoption

Tomorrow morning I am honored to be speaking at our adoption agency’s Annual Adoption Celebration.

When our adoption worker asked if I might consider writing a poem, I thought she might have actually dialed the wrong number.  Poetry is not my thing–love to read it, love to analyze it, and am, quite frankly, in awe of it–but write it? 


So, I wrote piece about National Adoption Month–a prose piece–and felt I was ready.

But of course I wasn’t.  As her words so often have, our adoption worker’s wish for a poem crept into my mind and took up residence, pecking at me until I finally wrote something.

It’s not poetry, but it’s for you, Lisa Granda, because, really, after all you’ve done for us, it’s the least I could do.


The Zen of Adoption

Why did you adopt me?

We adopted you because you were our child.

How old was I when you met me?

We have known you since before you were born.

Do you ever wish I grew in your belly?

You wouldn’t be you if you had.

 How did you find me?

 We simply stopped looking.

 Do you think I might adopt one day?

 You already have.

 Is our family forever?

 It has been before we met and will continue to be after.

 What is so great about adoption?

 It proves the universe makes sense.

 If you had to do it all over again, would you?

 We have, and we will.


5 thoughts on “The Zen of Adoption

  1. That is so lovely! Have you thought of compiling a book of adoption poems? A great fundraising idea! I wanted to mention a great adoption picture book called ‘Maybe because’ about all the reasons a little boy believes he is so special in his forever family. It is wonderful to read with children anywhere from 2-8, I think. Aimee Garcia-Tice is the author and if you check out her site there is a book giveaway at the moment to celebrate National Adoption Awareness Week! I am always on the lookout for great adoption books so I wanted to pass this on!

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