Right Place at the Right Time

“Epilepsy should be diagnosed as early as possible to give a child the best chance for treatment success and a normal childhood and future.” http://www.health24.com/medical/Condition_centres/777-792-809-1680,17518.asp

The first seizure lasted only ten seconds.  She could have been in the other room, tending to one of the other children, tidying up the kitchen after lunch.  She could have missed it easily.   But she didn’t.  

Because of what she observed, we went to the doctor.  The doctor ordered an EEG.  And we, as Edgar’s parents, were on the lookout.

If she had missed that first seizure, I might have missed the second.  Or, if I hadn’t missed it, I might have mistaken it for something else–inattention, early morning silliness. 

Because of her, I knew what it was, what to do, where to go.

Because of her, Edgar’s diagnosis was early and swift.

And because of her, this clever, creative, very silly, very beautiful boy has every chance to live the life he deserves.


Colleen Finn, we love you and are forever in your debt.  Thank you.


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