No Choice in the Matter

Oscar asked me last night why I write. 

He sees me writing regularly, knows that something is afoot in terms of my hoping one day to publish a book, and has seen his and his brothers’ mugs in Adoptive Families magazine on three separate occasions.

Before I could answer, though, Oscar attempted to respond for me: “Mom, do you write because you hope you’ll be famous some day?”

The short answer to that is an unequivocal NO.  And the capital letters were intentional. I’m yelling that one.  Fame holds no interest for me.  I adore anonymity. 

But as much as I might like occasionally to channel my inner recluse, I am also too much a part of this world.  I thoroughly enjoy talking to people, interacting with others.  I’m a teacher, and I love my job.  So, as much as I enjoy flying as low under the radar as possible, I know that I don’t. 

Recently, too, I have had to emerge from my comfortable cocoon and engage in what for me is a bit foreign–networking (social and otherwise) and self-promotion.  If I hope to one day publish, I need to establish a platform (read: followers, and lots of them); and to establish a platform, I need to sell myself. 

Which brings me back to Oscar’s question–which I think was less about why I write and more about why I am hoping to publish.  Writing a blog with a following of mainly friends and family is one thing; hoping to convince a publisher that what you have to say is marketable is another–and it takes a whole lot of work I am not accustomed to doing.  And, truthfully, it takes work with which I am not always comfortable.

So what is the reason? 

I guess it’s pretty simple.  The answer lies in the person who posed the question in the first place–as well as his two brothers.  My children are my muses; and in this life I have dedicated to learning, they have been my most profound teachers.  What I have learned from them I am compelled to share.  I have no choice.  There is no alternative.

And that is what I told Oscar.  He looked at me and nodded as if he understood completely–as if it were what he had been waiting to hear, a response that, quite frankly, couldn’t have been topped by the nine goddesses themselves.


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